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Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions affecting Americans today, whether caused by inherited autoimmune disorders or lingering physical symptoms of sports injuries. The issue many patients and even some care providers make is believing that a singular case of chronic pain can be adequately addressed by a one-time treatment, but this is almost never the case. In this blog, we’ll review some of the holistic solutions that can be used to treat chronic pain, and why this approach is more effective than single-treatment tactics.

At Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates, we believe that a holistic approach to wellness is the best way to address chronic pain. By looking at the whole person rather than just a few symptoms, patients have a much greater likelihood of not only managing their condition, but also enhancing their overall quality of life for the long term. For more information on how our services and holistic methodologies can help you cope with chronic pain, please contact our team of chiropractic and physical therapy specialists in Winston-Salem today!

What Is Chronic Pain?

Unlike a broken bone or a bout of the flu, chronic pain doesn’t definitively go away or heal in an estimated amount of time. Just as the name suggests, chronic pain is ongoing and can last for years or even decades if not properly addressed. It may be caused by autoimmune conditions, wear-and-tear from sports and exercise, or lifestyle habits as seemingly innocuous as the way one sits, stands, or sleeps. For these reasons, a comprehensive, holistic approach is often the best way to help patients with chronic pain. Below, we’ll discuss some of the tactics from which positive results are often seen — and we know this because of the firsthand experiences we’ve had with our own patients!

Shockwave Therapy

This chronic pain treatment uses non-invasive soundwave technology to target troublesome areas of tissue and musculoskeletal conditions. Previous injuries can cause scar tissue or calcific fibroblasts to accumulate in parts of the body, increasing inflammation and pain-inducing irritation. Shockwave therapy works to counteract these symptoms by delivering safe but effective pulses of energy to the affected regions, thereby triggering metabolic activity that stimulates the body’s natural healing response.

Chiropractic Care

Contrary to how some may conceive of it, chiropractic care is aimed to address many more conditions than those affecting the spine. Indeed, holistic chiropractic therapies can remedy poor posture, sleeping issues, muscle tension, and even psychological problems such as stress and migraines. At Gray Chiropractic, our top doctors have acquired more than 25 years of experience in this field of chronic pain treatment, and it’s our mission to help clients manage their condition without the aid of medication or invasive procedures. Just a few sessions of chiropractic care, whether focused on myofascial release, orthopedic realignment, or another concentration, can prove immensely beneficial to enhancing day-to-day living and quality of physical fitness. 

Eating Well & Weight Management

Many chronic pain conditions have been related back to undiagnosed food allergies or sensitivities, and still more can be attributed to excessive weight gain or obesity. Weight management isn’t always easy, especially for those with a genetic predisposition to hypometabolism or digestive problems, but working with a certified nutritionist can make it much easier. When diet and weight are under control, chronic pain is often drastically reduced, leading energy levels and enjoyment of exercise (as well as healthy food!) to skyrocket. When you feed your body with the nutrients it needs to heal, pain can become a thing of the past. 

Work With A Chronic Pain Specialist

To find the holistic solutions that not only mitigate but may even eliminate your chronic pain, it’s important to work with a team that knows and understands the intricacies of this complex type of condition. At Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates, we’ve been serving the Winston-Salem area with effective, holistic, and non-invasive remedies for chronic pain for decades. From Shockwave therapy to chiropractic care, we have an extensive assortment of specialized chronic pain solutions. Contact us today to start the journey towards a better, pain-free quality of life.

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