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Chronic Pain

Eliminating Ongoing Pain With Chiropractic Care

Chronic pain is much different than acute pain.

Chronic pain may start from a somewhat less specific source and seemingly never ends. It can go on for months and even years stemming possibly from an initial acute incident – an injured foot, strained back, or illness – or another condition, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, or an infection. Chronic pain often affects older adults with symptoms that include headache, lower back or leg pain, inflammation, reduced strength or mobility, and more.

Chiropractic care is an ideal treatment option for you if you have chronic pain and you don’t have to go far because we’re right here in Winston Salem. Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates use a variety of non-surgical treatments and techniques to address chronic pain symptoms. If you have pain that has lasted 3-6 months or longer and hasn’t responded to typical pain management techniques, you have chronic pain.

People with chronic pain can be helped if they understand all the causes of pain and the many and varied steps that can be taken to undo what chronic pain has done. Dr. Gray and his team have decades of experience and access to leading chiropractic and pain management technologies to eliminate your pain and return you to an improved lifestyle.

Listen to Your Body

Pain is your body’s normal reaction to an injury or illness, warning you that something is wrong. When your body heals, you usually stop hurting.

But for many people, pain continues long after its cause is gone. When you hurt day after day, it can take a toll on your emotional and physical health.

If this sounds like what you’re experiencing, don’t hesitate to make an appointment today with Dr. Gray and see how your life can change, for the better!

Five Ways to Improve Pain Management Today

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Gray is your best next step toward eliminating chronic pain. In the meantime, here are a handful of steps you can take immediately to mitigate your pain.

1. Let the Little Things Go
Stress intensifies chronic pain, and negative feelings like depression, anxiety, stress, and anger increase the body’s sensitivity to pain. If you can control key stressors in your life, you may find some relief from chronic pain. Listen to soothing, calming music to lift your mood. Use mental imagery relaxation to create calming, peaceful images in your mind. Progressive muscle relaxation is another technique that promotes relaxation.
2. Work Up a Sweat
Exercise helps release endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help improve your mood and block pain signals. Another pain-reducing effect of exercise is that it strengthens muscles, which helps prevent re-injury and further pain. Plus, exercise can help keep your weight down which is proven to reduce pain.
3. Leave the Bottle and the Butts Behind
As you’ve probably experienced, pain already makes sleep difficult, and alcohol can make sleep problems worse. If you have chronic pain, drinking less or no alcohol will improve your quality of life. Along with many other increased health risks, smoking also worsens painful circulation problems, so quit today and help your pain management improve.
4. Eating Right is Not a Pain
A well-balanced diet is important in many ways — aiding your digestive process, reducing heart disease risk, keeping weight under control, and improving blood sugar levels. 
5. Give Your Pain a Score
To effectively treat your pain, it’s very helpful if you are keeping a daily record of your pain levels. Create a log or journal of your daily “pain score”, and at the end of each day, note your pain level on the 1 to 10 pain scale. If you also note what activities you did that day, Dr. Gray can have additional information for diagnosing and treating your pain.

Get Started Now

Schedule a 1:1 Consultation with Dr. Gray

Schedule an introductory $59 1:1 consultation with Dr. Gray to get started on your pain-relief journey. We’ll even provide the coffee, but first, you’ll receive a complimentary InBody Scan, the premier line of award-winning body composition analyzers trusted by the top hospitals in the US.  The service without a consultation is $125, but a tool so powerful that Dr. Gray includes it in his initial consultation with new patients at no charge.

 Think of this time as a chance for us to get to know your pain and for you to interview Dr. Gray – we believe you should know the facts before you choose a healthcare provider.   

You may also choose a complimentary service from the list below (pending Dr. Gray’s evaluation*)  from one of the services below:

Receive a Shockwave Therapy Demonstration 

Experience the immediate benefits of our Piezowave Therapy with a free treatment (a $45 value) after your extended consultation with Dr. Gray.



Experience the Benefits of Hyperbarics

Get a 60-minute demo session when you sign up for a $59 extended consultation and get on the right track for full body healing. While here, you can sign up for special discounts on multiple sessions, as well.


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