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Innovative chiropractic treatment in Winston Salem

Chronic Pain

Providing a holistic approach to improving your daily life

Sports Injuries

Proven experience to get you back in the game

Addressing your health and longevity today

More than making pain disappear

Has your life changed over time due to debilitating pain? Are you suffering today due to a recent traumatic injury? Whether your body has faced a specific event or years of neglect, we can be your guide on a path to discover a healthier, more satisfied you.

Targeting the root cause of pain

Innovative approaches to whole body treatment

Every patient is an individual and is given personalized care

Promoting self-care through ongoing education

Shockwave Therapy

Reduce pain and improve mobility through soundwave therapy


Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU)

The most effective device for assessing and rehabilitating patients suffering from neck pain, whiplash, and general cervical spine disorders.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Enhance your body’s natural healing process by boosting oxygen levels

AllCore 360

Empowering athletes, seniors and everyday people to train their core muscles for improved fitness and recovery

Get away from

the endless cycle

of pain meds

Our primary focus is helping you reduce today’s pain, while seeking remedies that prevent future pain. We explore your body and lifestyle beyond the pain you’re experiencing with your holistic health as our goal.

Our trained Chiropractic staff seek your total health and longevity right here in Winston Salem
We get to know you as an individual: your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, and any barriers that are preventing a full and happy life. We are dedicated to reducing your pain and improving your overall health through expert chiropractic care.
Reduce your pain naturally for the long term
Too often, doctors address pain by masking it with addictive pills. Dr. Gray and his team use natural techniques and technologies to get at the root cause of your pain and help educate you on ways to keep it away.
Improve your outlook by looking at what you eat
Nutrients from foods you eat create the structure, function, and integrity of your skin, hair, muscles, and bones, as well as your digestive and immune systems. Learn how an improved diet can help your body while it is continuously repairing, healing, and rebuilding.
Learn how weight management impacts pain
Recent studies show links between weight loss and pain reduction. Beyond providing less impact on joints, weight loss improves mood, brain functioning, and energy levels. Dr. Gray’s treatment will relieve pain, so physical activity can be a regular part of a better and fuller life.
Find positivity on your journey to better health
Through his personal focus and individual treatment plan, Dr. Gray seeks the end to your chronic pain. Where there once may have been despair, when pain is removed a positive outlook can be a part of your daily life. Let our team help you on this rewarding journey.

About Dr. Gray

Dr. Lawrence Gray, DC is dedicated to your health. Practicing Chiropractic Care in Winston-Salem since 1994, Dr. Gray treats patients holistically across many levels of chronic and acute pain, as well as athletes of all levels, having worked with NFL, Olympic, PGA, collegiate, and Ironman competitors.

A lifelong student of natural pain treatments, Dr. Gray seeks the most innovative techniques in chiropractic care, repetitive motion injury and recovery, and sports therapy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public health from Towson University and bachelor’s degree in human biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National College of Chiropractic.

Patient Testimonials

“I could not be happier with the way things have gone and are continuing to go.”


Nicole P.

“Friendly, informative, and always helpful under regular circumstances as well as emergency situations. Very professional and understanding, but most of all Dr. Gray knows his job and performs it well.”
Ernest M.

“I always get the sense that I’m in the hands of someone who cares about my personal pain and is trying to make it better.”


Sarah P.

Holistic Solutions For Chronic Pain

Holistic Solutions For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions affecting Americans today, whether caused by inherited autoimmune disorders or lingering physical symptoms of sports injuries. The issue many patients and even some care providers make is believing that a singular case...

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Your wellness is in your hands. Let us help you on your journey to health.

Achievement begins with one step – making an appointment with Dr. Gray and our team. We offer a complimentary new patient consultation to introduce you to our team and see the care and innovation that our practice has to offer.

That free visit allows Dr. Gray to start the process of getting to know you and your unique pain management and lifestyle goals. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped patients from around the Triad and across the country. We look forward to meeting and helping you become the best you.

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