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At Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates, we understand the hard work involved in restoring your health and wellness. Nothing makes us happier than helping a patient return to their regular lifestyle. Experience all that Dr. Gray and his team deliver toward your wellbeing.



Please check out the current offers below and check back regularly to see what’s new.


New Patients Welcome

Schedule an introductory $69 1:1 consultation with Dr. Gray to get started on your pain-relief journey. We’ll even provide the coffee, but first, you’ll receive a complimentary InBody Scan, the premier line of award-winning body composition analyzers trusted by the top hospitals in the US.  The service without a consultation is $125, but a tool so powerful that Dr. Gray includes it in his initial consultation with new patients at no charge.  

AND – following the consultation, you are welcome to choose from a complimentary service:

  • NanoVi Session
  • SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage System Session

Adjust Your Initial Thinking

  • Following an initial diagnosis, you may begin treatment on your first visit or we may schedule you for later in the week.
  • Each visit will include an evaluation of your mobility and pain relief to determine the next phase of your care with Dr. Gray and team.
  • Each patient treatment plan is different – customized to the individual.  You should expect an iterative, collaborative process throughout.

It’s Good to Get Hyper

  • If you don’t know about hyperbarics, now is your chance!
  • For a short time, we are offering our Hyperbaric Chamber consultation for $69
  • This consultation will also include one free 60 minute demo
  • We also offer discounts on multi-session packages.

Don’t wait any longer.

Start addressing your pain

and working toward a better life today!

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