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Patients Praise Their Experience with Dr. Gray

“I have a bulging disc and periodically it tells me. I have been seeing Dr. Gray for over eight years. His treatment methods as well as K-Laser therapy work wonders.”

Chris H.

“Dr. Gray and his associates really care about you as a person. Dr. Gray’s holistic approach is to make sure healing is restored throughout the WHOLE person, not just do something to cover or mask symptoms. He wants to get to the root of the problem.”

Debbie W.

“Dr. Gray is caring and pays close attention to every detail of your care. I can’t say enough good things about how much help he has been to me.”

Susan G.

“The experience right off the bat was very professional. I felt very informed. Dr. Gray is particularly good at explaining things in a way that you can understand. So, I felt very good about everything.”

Beth S.

“Dr. Gray and his team are THE best if you want to stay active, centered, and hopeful. When I began seeing him, I could hardly walk from a degenerative knee injury and was petrified that knee replacement was in my future. Through ART and K-Laser treatments, I feel confident to continue to train for sprint tris, and am keeping up when hiking, snorkeling, and traveling. Their knowledge, skills, and understanding are only exceeded by their encouragement, patience, friendly humor, and energy. They continue to provide new motivation for an even higher level of fitness and happiness and are integral to me staying upbeat and pushing this 50-something-year-old body to keep moving and enjoying all the world has to offer. Thank you!!”

Kathy F.

“Friendly, informative, and always helpful under regular circumstances as well as emergency situations. Very professional and understanding, but most of all Dr. Gray knows his job and performs it well.”

Ernest M.

“Dr Gray is awesome! I have received treatment for plantars fasciitis. He has been using the Shockwave treatment on me and it is incredible what it has done for me. It’s like I have little or no problems now. Thank you, Dr. Gray!”

Becky L.

“Dr. Gray made it possible for me to walk again with laser treatments. I tore my ACL and Meniscus playing tennis. Post-surgery, I did not get full range of motion. He worked with me to strengthen my knee, and now I can play again. I recommend him to all my friends!”

Pam R.

“I have been going to Dr. Gray for over 12 years. There is no one else on earth that I would trust my body and health with.”

Travis M.

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