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Sports are one of the most important and rewarding parts of life, but whether you’re just starting out on a high school team or continuing to pursue a favorite athletic pastime in your adult years, there’s always a considerable chance of physical strain or injury. For this reason, an increasing number of athletes, both young and old, are paying regular visits to sports chiropractors and specialized physiotherapy practitioners. 

The consistent growth in the number of patients currently receiving sports medicine services may seem to indicate that the incidence rate of injury is rising, but this is surprisingly not the case. Rather, the higher client counts in sports chiropractic clinics can usually be attributed more to preventive care efforts, coupled with technological advancements and an overall increased awareness about advantages offered by the field. 

In this article, we review five of the most compelling reasons that every athlete should consider seeing a sports chiropractor. Read on to learn why, and be sure to contact Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates for more information on the sports medicine services available at our chiropractic clinic in Winston-Salem. 

5 Major Reasons All Athletes Should See A Sports Chiropractor:

  • Uses Non-Invasive & Medication-Free Methods 
  • Can Improve Athletic Coordination, Mobility, & Performance
  • Helps Prevent Sports-Related Injuries & Chronic Pain 
  • Most Athletes Eventually Seek Chiropractic Care
  • Speeds Up Recovery Time From Acute & Chronic Injury

The Method Behind Sports Medicine

Chiropractic care as a whole is appealing to many athletes due to its non-invasive, no-medication approach. Sports chiropractors specialize in correcting the alignment of muscles and bones in order to improve the body’s overall range of motion and athletic potential, all through surgery and drug-free methodologies. Although some serious cases of injury or chronic pain may necessitate these interventions, the vast majority of sports-related issues in the musculoskeletal system can be prevented or dramatically improved with the aid of non-invasive chiropractic techniques, allowing athletes to return sooner to the sports they love without resorting to recovery-intensive surgeries or physically deleterious prescription substances.

The Athletic Advantages Of Chiropractic Care

The services and treatments administered by certified sports chiropractors have demonstrated consistently that the functional medicine approach can improve athletic performance in a number of areas, including hand-eye coordination, range of motion, and flexibility. The advantages of chiropractic medicine in athletes have been recognized by professional organizations for decades, such as Major League Baseball and the National Football League, as well as academic institutions like the National University Of Health Sciences.

The Preventive Benefits Of Sports Chiropractic 

In addition to improving athletic performance on a day-to-day basis, sports chiropractic care can also play a role in preventing musculoskeletal injuries and correcting imbalances in the body before they result in accidents or acute pain. For instance, when working with a sports chiropractor, an athlete will work with the care provider to identify where and when certain muscle groups compensate (work overtime) for weaker counterparts; the player’s training regimen can then be modified accordingly to correct for this muscular asymmetry. 

Athletes Usually Need Chiropractic Care Sooner Or Later

Studies and self-reports suggest that most — as many as 90% — athletes are either referred to a chiropractor by a coach or trainer following an injury, or the player seeks out chiropractic services of their own initiative due to persistent pain. Even the most conscientious athlete is at risk of incurring some kind of physical damage, and this risk only increases when musculoskeletal alignment issues and imbalances are neglected or fail to receive adequate rehabilitation. To that extent, as an athlete it’s often wiser to get chiropractic care before it becomes a bodily necessity.

Speeds Up Recovery Time

Athletes should consider seeing a sports chiropractor in order to speed up their recovery time in the event that an injury does occur. Whether it’s an acute condition such as a torn rotator cuff or a case of chronic pain, a chiropractic therapy regimen can prove immensely effective in shortening rehabilitation periods and helping athletes to get back in the game sooner.

Whether you’re currently dealing with chronic pain from a lingering sports injury or you’re merely trying to prevent harm from occurring in the future, there’s a lot to be gained from working with a sports medicine doctor. To learn more about our services and to take the first step in getting started with a sports-specific functional medicine program, please contact us at Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates in Winston-Salem now!

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