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If you’ve been to my website in the past, you may have noticed that we’ve gone through a redesign since you last visited. We’ve been working hard to make our website a place that better represents Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates and the holistic range of services we offer.

We’ve taken into account feedback we’ve heard from you — our patients — in making these updates, too, and now it’s much easier to get in touch with us and to request an appointment online.

Our new site also allows us to highlight our services in an easier-to-digest format as well as provide resources around ways to eat well and implement lifestyle factors to help you stay well and build on the care you receive in our office. Through the blog section, I’ll be able to share insight into the things I’m doing in my own life to keep myself healthy — things you can incorporate into your own life, too.

I hope you’ll share this new website with your friends and family as a way to introduce them to our services. (Maybe you know someone who is looking for ways to break the seemingly endless cycle of pain medication, for example. We are experts at dealing with chronic pain!)

I also hope you’ll visit our site often to complement the time you spend in our office. We’ll use the site to share information about our most up-to-date services, insights, and other resources. (At our office, we use more technology than any other chiropractor in the state of North Carolina, so there’s often news to share on that front.)

Thank you for being part of the Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates family, and thank you for visiting our new site! We can’t wait to hear what you think.


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