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When it comes to neck health, posture is everything. It significantly impacts the way your vertebrae are aligned, and poor posture can result in debilitating — and potentially chronic — pain. But certain jobs and activities can make it hard to keep good posture all day, risking your neck health. Luckily, a good chiropractor can help realign your body, thereby alleviating pain and increasing mobility.


Chiropractors and Diagnosing Neck Pain

The neck, also known as the cervical spine, is home to just seven small vertebrae, yet it is designed to support the weight of your head — about 12 pounds, on average. And though the neck is what turns your head in almost every direction, its very own flexibility is what makes it vulnerable to injury and pain.

Along with other certified chiropractors, I am a musculoskeletal expert and can help identify the source of your neck pain. Included in a physical exam, I will assess your overall posture and current range of motion and physical condition. The assessment will also include a health history and spinal exam to understand its curvature and alignment, check your reflexes and more, possibly even further tests, such as an X-ray, a CAT scan or an MRI.


Chiropractors and Treating Neck Pain

Once I have all the information in hand, I’ll put together a plan of action. It may be something as simple as a neck adjustment, also known as cervical manipulation. This adjustment involves a quick and controlled force to the neck, with the intention of increasing range and quality of motion. They may also combine other treatments and approaches, including ice and/or heat, relaxation techniques and electrical stimulation.

I may also prescribe a lifestyle change and counsel you about diet, weight loss and other factors that can influence your overall neck health. It’s also common to receive instruction to perform certain general and rehabilitative exercises.


Chiropractors and Effectiveness of Treating Neck Pain

A 2010 review of scientific evidence on manual therapies shows that cervical adjustments may be helpful for a variety of neck-related ailments, such as neck pain and neck-related headaches. What’s more impressive is that these effective treatments require no use of over-the-counter pain medicine or prescription pain pills such as opioids, thereby avoiding the side effects and potential addition that are associated with medication.

If you’ve injured your neck or suffer from chronic neck pain, give us a call at Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates. We may be just the right choice you’ve been looking for. One visit may be all it takes to restore your neck health and regain full mobility. We hope to hear from you soon.


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